Club 21 is a non-profit learning centre which specialises in the education and development of people with Down syndrome. There is currently no institution in South Africa that caters exclusively for the education and development of children with Down syndrome. Only a small percentage of children with Down syndrome have the ability to be successfully included in the inclusive system of education in South Africa.


As a result most children living with Down syndrome have no other choice than to attend schools or institutions that cater for learners with a wide range of physical or intellectual disabilities and in some cases these are compounded by inappropriate behavioural tendencies and teaching strategies not suitable for children with Down syndrome.. People with Down syndrome have specific attributes and needs and they are excellent mimics of behaviour. As a result it is inevitable that a child with Down syndrome will mimic other children with inappropriate behavioral tendencies.  

In these circumstances it becomes extremely difficult for a child with Down syndrome to develop to his or her full potential.

Who are we



The mission of Club 21 is to pave a way for children with Down syndrome in South Africa and eventually the rest of the world.  A way by which a child with Down syndrome can know and experience that they are precious and are guided to fulfil God’s calling on his/her life.  Together with parents, teachers, therapists and experts we follow a holistic approach to ensure that each learner with Down syndrome bears optimal fruit and has prosperous future.


People with Down syndrome have an extra number 21 chromosome (Trisomy 21), therefore "Club 21".  The green tree symbolises the continuous growth and development of each learner which is made possible with expert guidance in a supportive and loving learning environment.  


At Club 21 we believe that every learner with Down syndrome can be like a tree firmly planted by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season, whose leaves shall not fade and everything he does shall prosper. (Psalm 1:3)

To create an environment in which children with Down syndrome can develop to their full potential and live happy and meaningful lives, contributing to the community in which they live.



To ensure that we cater for the specific needs of children with Down syndrome, we follow a holistic approach, supported by various experts.



To guide and encourage children with Down syndrome to discover and develop their unique talents.



To lay down safe boundaries, by which children with Down syndrome can build strong and healthy friendships.



To assist children with Down syndrome with accepting and understanding their own disability.



To provide the necessary information, guidance and support to parents and families assisting them with the upbringing and education of their child.



To establish and strengthen a network of support.



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Club 21 has been fully functional since April 2012 and has 39 proud learners between the ages of 2 and 27 years. Currently Club 21’s income consists only of tuition fees. This is not sufficient to cover all of our expenses, and so we are heavily dependent on sponsorship and donations.  

We humbly request that you join hands with Club 21 and walk with us to provide the best possible opportunity for development of our learners.  The teachers, parents and families at Club 21 are deeply appreciative of your support


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20 Mar 2020, 10:00
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